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"The Innocent Eyes" is a series of prints created using oil medium and scratching tools to transfer text and images directly from a newspaper onto paper. As a result, the text appears inverted, like reflections. I collected news reports about wars, international conflicts and tensions. Therefore the eyes on the paper do not only symbolize innocence, but rather they reflect the unfair, cruel and bloody world of today and every day.


I am lucky to live in a peaceful corner of the world, however, how many of our kids are growing up in the cycle of violence on this Earth? Our innocent kids now live in a world with a series of modern international conflicts which is happening like the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Sudan conflict and the intention between China and Taiwan…… The inverted texts and images, which were transferred from newspapers, composed the innocent cartoon eyes reflecting the news reports on it. We are witnessing, our kids are witnessing.


Finally, I asked my cousin to doodle on the prints. She represents our future. However, the powers that be, often referred to as "the grown-up men," are currently threatening our children and neglecting their responsibilities towards them. Please take a look at my cousin's random and casual drawings. The vividness, energy, and unbelievable wonder they deliver are always present around us and must be treasured and concerned.

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