2018 An Online Odyssey on Google Maps









Since 2018, I have begun exploring the remote islands on the Internet in my room in London.


The first island I stepped in this journey was Easter Island, and then Faroe Islands, Hashima, South George and the South Sandwich Islands and so on. These islands are far away from where I was in London. I estimate the cost of travelling to each island may take me more weeks and a couple of months of my living fee. These islands, so far, are untouchable to me. But now, I can “walk” and “see” the wonderful landscapes on the Google Maps. Even I can’t hear the waves, feel the winds, and only be able to follow the paths of the images collectors, I can discover the amazing landscapes by myself.


However, it is only a digital experience. Digits can imitate reality and preform the things only existing in the digital realm, but never be able to recreate the reality. What I see are pixels and feel the unique fascination of the digital image.

2020 An Online Odyssey on Google Maps

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