2018: An Online Odyssey on Google Maps


From 2018 to the summer of 2020, I have travelled around eight islands around the world on Google Maps.  Some are far away to any continent, some are inhabited, some are restricted. I was not physically on the islands, of course, just virtually. 

You know this word, right? Vir~tual.

Okay, fine, in other words, through the screen with the internet. Bang!

Anyways, I was there on the islands as who created the ‘street views’ image of the islands. It is very simple, just grab the poor yellow man in the corner on the Google Maps and drop it at any blue line or dot. Then, you are there. Ta Ta!

I repeated these action again and again, and explored the whole island as much as it is available. Then, I captured the amazing views during my exploration. Finally, I picked the best three on each island and recreated it with watercolor on paper.


You know. I am kind of old-fashion artist. The taste, texture and smell of the painting materials cannot be easily replaced by the digital print. 

Arr…. How does J. M. W. Turner think about me?

I guess he would just ignore me.

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