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Hopefully what between us lasts as the stars twinkle eternally

'Hong Kong has four departure flight paths, one of which is above Victoria Harbour (the mother harbour of Hong Kong). The photos were taken of the departing flights passing upon the harbour and under the twinkling stars.'


Emigration was a trend in Hong Kong since 2019, how many people on flights will return under the global travel restrictions in the period of the photos taken from Aug to Nov 2021? Inspired by the song ‘但願人長久’ ('Hopefully what between us lasts as the stars twinkle eternally') by Lowell Lo, we can't achieve the eternality as the stars do, but we can leave the remarkable memory or something.


The photographs were taken on Kowloon and Wan Chai waterfront, while the airlines passed the harbour. Long exposure.

link to high-quality sources:

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