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Coarse works, as opposed to fine works, are often associated with aggressiveness, harmfulness, and anger. I personally experienced this negative connotation after returning to Hong Kong during the final stages of a social movement. Through my coarse works, I gained a new understanding of the authorities, powers, and relationships between the stakeholders in society.

The materials and media I use in my work become my language for expressing my understanding and emotions. These materials are not your typical art materials but rather things that are commonly found in daily life. From newspapers to joss paper, these cheap and poor-quality materials represent the perspectives and attitudes of those in authority and their related parties, while also reflecting my personal response to them. However, my expression is often unavoidably crude and unappealing.

Wish you the best afterlife (2019)

How to fix the broken glass? (Dec, 2020)

How to fix the glass?

King's Foldable chair (2021)

King's foldable chair
King's foldable chair
King's foldable chair

Replica of study of perspective (2022)


Dead water by Wen Yiduo (2022)

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