HK Lennon wall preservation Project 

In the beginning, the project started with the wooden boards which would be placed beside the Lennon walls around HK. The boards were made to collect the people's creations, including the poster, graffiti and memos for a month or more.

However, due to the loss of the boards happened in a few days and the high damaging costs of travel and time (I cannot travel to collect the boards and put it back every day in order to keep the boards), the plan was changed and the focus shifted to the posters and memos that were torn down and throw on the streets.



The exist of Lennon wall is a sample of anti-authority. On the other hands, destroying the wall is an action of pro-government. Both polarised actions present strong emotions and opinions about the political issue. I support the build of Lennon wall, however, the destructive behaviour should be allowed, because it should be considered as a voice.





自2019年6月開始,對於政府和警方的怒和恨在我心裹產生,那情緒並不能只用言語發洩的。因此咒罵對象 “去死”在心中不斷反芻。這些情緒和反應是真實存在的,無容置疑。但事實上,無論不斷咒罵或是摺一千隻陰司紙紙鶴詛咒當權者,現實不會因此而改變,厄運也不會降臨在他們身上。這點跟阿Q的’精神勝利法’的效果是相同的,得到自我滿足了,但來自當權者及其擁護者的惡意依舊千方百計傷害反對人士。








Ah Q’s Revenge

Actually, “Ah Q’s Revenge” is just a curse that made up in my fantasy. Cursing is not just an effective way of giving vent to bile and hatred, but also for self-gratification. In contrast to physical violence and swearing, cursing is more malicious and aggressive in language but no actual harm will befall to the target. 


Since June 2019, I have been extremely angry with the government and the police, which the anger cannot be released through the dirtiest swearing. And then ’go to die’ becomes the voice repeating in my mind. Undoubtedly, these negative emotions and reactions are real and existing. However, the cruse will never befall to them or alter the situation, even I achieved folding 1000 Origami cranes with the Joss paper.  


This awful idea finds common to Ah Q’s idea of ’spiritual victories’*, Ah Q and I attain the self-gratification through the spiritual fantasy, however, the threats from the authorities with its supporters will keep coming continuously and aggressively in reality.

In conclusion,  “Ah Q’s Revenge” is absolutely not an ideal solution when facing injustice threats. But, it can act as a reminder that we shall never forget what has been happening since June 2019 and what have the authorities and its supporters had done to the people. When the day Hong Kong get liberated, we shall burn these Origami cranes in Joss paper to them. 


*Lu Xun's, a Chinese novelist, euphemism for self-talk and self-deception even when faced with extreme defeat or humiliation, in order to persuade himself that he is spiritually ‘superior’ to his oppressors.

The pressure upon the eggs




















The pressure upon the eggs


That is just a Winnie the Pooh doll which is on the top.

That is just a balloon dog which is inflated completely and covered in black.

That is just a bouquet of white daisy for the deceased.

That is just a roll of bandage for the wounds.

Those are just the reference books which are commonly read during studying in college.

Those are just the bowls and chopsticks which should be placed orderly on the dining table.

This is just a bunch of coins which are once owned by the Hong Kong people.

Those are just the deities, Sanxing, which can’t speak human language and their ears are missing.

Those are just the houses which crowd in a place.

That is just a board game, Monopoly, which the player numbers are a few.

That is just a pack of rice which the people have daily.

Those are just the eggs which are holding a ton of pressures upon them.

That is just the red clothes which cover the floor.

That is just a video about the bald eagle’s living. 


Reading between the lines is your personal fantasy.  None of the creator’s business. 

How to fix the glass? 5mins.15sec.(Dec, 2020)

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