2017-2019   M.A., Fine art.

                        Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. University of the Arts London. UK


    2013-2016  B.A., Fine: Sculpture.

                        Wimbledon College of Arts. University of the Arts London. UK

    Group Exhibitions 


    March 2020 'Forces, The Old Biscuit Factory, London, UK. (

    June 2019    'Plastic Capsule', Four Corners Gallery, London, UK. 

    May 2019    'Show One: Art', Central Saint Martins, London, UK.

    March 2018  'Appetite', Apairy Gallery, London, UK.



    LAM Chung Yin, Jason is a Hong Kong-based artist and received a Master degree of fine art at Central Saint Martins college of arts and design, University of the arts London in 2019. 

    The main themes of his practices are the 'blurred scenarios' of politics and digital technology. 'Blurred' in his works represents the statues of uncertainty and instability. In the case of digital technology, the boundaries of actuality and virtuality is disappearing. In the case of politics, 
    the grey areas of truth with false and morality with immorality are not just broadening, but also turning white into black or black into white. 'Blur' represents his confusion in these statues. 'Blur' is his creative strategy of presenting the present social and digital conflicts.

    Autumn 2020, He also coins the term 'Coarse works' for some of his works. Those works emphasise on the intentions of hatred with rebellion. Therefore, the materials and creative style are relatively rough, indecent and offensive. He is satisfied with those works which express his anger and sorrow in the way of satire.